Los Campesinos

Ano de formação: 2006
Local: Cardiff, País de Gales
Integrantes: Ellen, Gareth, Harriet, Neil, Ollie, Tom, Kim. Todos com o segundo nome Campesinos.

São raras as bandas  de indie-rock que utilizam vocal feminino que não seja enjoativo. Los Campesinos é um desses casos. Ellen não canta em todas as músicas, mas quando o faz, mostra que tem talento.

We’ve Got Your Back

On the dashboard assembled
Descending height order

Half a decade of Father’s Day
Gets her mother bought for, her mother passed on
Puppy eyes, nasty reaction
Doe eyes, you’re kidding yourself

I learned remedial Spanish from a toddler
Passenger’s seat of father’s taxi
Cussing in unison
Clutching the seats and distant hand writing
Filled with a sense of great disappointment
Doe eyes, you’re kidding yourself

So fucking on
So fucking forth
We’ve got your back, whatever that’s worth
If they ever told you to go (?) what would you do
I do not know
Every girl I ever kissed I was thinking of a pro footballer

Thought you should know

I’ve learned more from toilet walls
Than I’ve learned from these words of yours
Your feelings are buried in scriptures and fictions
It’s all in the words but I’m here for the pictures

(I’m sweating off the cheap notes on my thighs
They were for your benefit not mine)

So fucking on
So fucking forth
They’ve got your back whatever that’s worth
If they ever told you to (?) what would we do?
I do not know
If it wasn’t for the courage to ask for mercy what would we do?

Sometimes only you will know
We’re cementing old friends
Dismissing old foes
We’re throwing punches and ducking blows

/ los campesinos